Recochem is a Canadian owned, privately held company with a reputation for aggressive market penetration and a diverse distribution network. Since our inception in 1951, we have developed a strong reputation for innovation, flexibility, strong growth and socially responsible business ethics. Our reputation has earned us many recognition and appreciation awards from major retailers and has forged strong relationships with suppliers around the world. The Company, founded by Mr. Joseph Kuchar, has grown into a diversified and highly automated global entity.

Recochem Australia

In 1975, Mr Joseph Kuchar saw the opportunity to secure the Australian market for chlorinated benzene products and a plant was purchased in Brisbane. Until 1979 para-Dichlorobenzene was imported by Recochem in a form that required minimal processing, but with the sophisticated plant in Brisbane we gained the capability to produce para-Dichlorobenzene and ortho-Dichlorobenzene in sufficient quantities to meet the entire Australian demand. Recochem, because of this production facility, dominated the Australian market as a supplier of dichlorobenzene and has continued to do so throughout the subsequent years.

In 1986, the Australian Industrial Division was established, followed in quick succession by the expansion into solvents in 1987 and the development of the Consumer Division in 1988. In 1993, a facility in Melbourne was acquired followed by Perth in 1996, Sydney in early 2000 and Adelaide in 2006 which expanded Recochem Australia’s ability to reach the entire Australian market. Recochem acquired the Diggers in November 2006, a well established hardware brand based in SA with origins heralding back to World War 2.

Recochem Canada

Recochem’s Consumer Division (North America) is a producer, formulator, contract packager and wholesale distributor of chemical products from four locations. We are strategically located in Montréal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, so we can ship identical products to any location coast to coast and south of the border.

In addition to our large line of household and hardware products, for the past 20 years we have been formulating and distributing a wide range of automotive liquids. In 1997, we purchased Dow Chemical’s technology that led to the extensive expansion of our Alberta plant and the building of a blending facility complete with modern testing and laboratory facilities. We are proficient in ASTM testing and can offer the latest in coolant technology, such as Organic Acid Technology for Long Life Coolants, as well as expert technical support throughout North America, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Our International Division includes Naphthalene refining in Canada and Belgium and our Australian facility manufactures and distributes a broad range of Automotive coolants, Industrial chemicals and Consumer (grocery, paint, hardware) products. Every one of our locations is ISO 9001:2000 certified. This assures our customers consistent quality and ‘on-spec,’ identical products from every facility, every time.

Recochem Values

Focus on the Customer.
Maintain Integrity.
Act with a Sense of Urgency.
Foster Teamwork and Mutual Respect.
Promote and Recognise Innovation and Creativity.
Strive for Operational Excellence.


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