Our in house capabilities continue to create new industry benchmarks. Today, our customers choose Recochem for our many products and services; all of which are managed in house to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Blow Moulding.
  • Packaging Solutions.
  • Private Labelling.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Quality & Technical.
  • Distribution.
  • Representation.

These proficiencies position Recochem as a flexible, innovative and reputable business partner – a ‘full service offer’ designed to respond dynamically to changing customer needs.

Blow Moulding

Recochem Australia has achieved vertical integration of bottle supply for a large portion of its requirements through the acquisition of a specialised PET and HDPE blow moulding facility in Brisbane. In addition to the bottles produced for the Recochem business, this facility also provides a range of beverage bottles, small grocery bottles, chamber packs and other industrial bottles to a wide customer base. The facility is designed to allow online bottle labelling and also includes injection moulding equipment for PET preforms and bottle handles. New bottles are designed to customer requirements and can be produced to high specifications and dangerous goods approval.

We consider many aspects when designing bottles and blow moulding:

  • Unique bottle footprint improves space utilisation and visual impact on shelf – consumer friendly package.
  • Sustainability – structural angles support the load of a lightweight bottle.
  • Maximize pallet configuration to eliminate carton over-hang.
  • Improve trailer loading and weight.
  • Ensure accurate filling of each bottle at each site.
  • Maintain a consistent standard size for our labels.

Packaging and Private Labelling

From a consumers perspective the appearance of the package and ease of use are paramount—especially when dispensing product from our HDPE and PET bottles.

We partner with expert industrial engineers to perform top load and drop tests to ensure packaging solutions are ‘fit for purpose’ and are regulatory compliant.

Our ‘private labelling’ capabilities separate us from our competitors – from concept to design we tailor our services to exceed our customers needs.

Manufacturing, Technical, Quality and Distribution

Our Brisbane manufacturing and warehouse facility is the primary supply hub for Recochem Inc. in the Australasian region. The Brisbane facility is certified to both ISO 9001: 2000 and the Global Automotive Quality Standard IATF 16949. Recochem (Australia) is also licensed with all appropriate regulatory authorities for the manufacture and storage of dangerous goods and other products and is supported by an extensive Safety, Health and Environment system.

Our Brisbane site has solvent, coolant and chemical tank farms and warehousing with ready access to significant offsite bulk facilities providing flexible and efficient material handling. Solvent and coolant blends and other chemicals are formulated from base materials and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality systems prior to shipment.

Since achieving ISO certification in 1992, Recochem Australia extended its commitment to quality by gaining certification to IATF 16949 (formerly TS 16949), a global automotive quality standard developed by the leading automotive companies. Under IATF 16949, Recochem uses its expertise and experience to improve its products, processes and service to its customers using best practice techniques continually. The site is located within 5 km of the Brisbane port facilities providing efficient import and export movements and handles in excess of 30 million kg of materials annually. National packaged goods distribution is performed as either direct to store, to customer warehouses or via the national Recochem distribution network.

Supported by in depth product knowledge, laboratory expertise and experience in regulatory issues, Recochem Australia’s strength is in its ability to source, blend, fill, pack and distribute quickly and efficiently. Recently we have vertically integrated our own HDPE and PET bottle blowing facility to improve speed and efficiency in meeting customer needs.

Recochem Inc., Australia is part of the International Division of the Recochem Group of Companies. We manufacture in Brisbane (head office), Adelaide and Perth and have additional warehousing and distribution in Sydney and Melbourne. State and national sales and administration staff are located in each centre.


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