The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)

The Covenant is a voluntary initiative by Government and Industry to reduce the environmental effects of packaging. It is designed to minimise the environmental impacts arising from the disposal of used packaging, conserve resources through better design and production processes and facilitate the re-use and recycling of used packaging materials.

The Covenant establishes a framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging that will be delivered through a collaborative approach.

Companies, government agencies and industry associations sign the Covenant and commit to certain responsibilities which contribute to achieving the Covenant Performance Goals and KPI’s. Anyone involved in the packaging supply chain is invited to sign the Covenant.

All signatories to the Covenant recognise that a co-operative approach between industry and all spheres of government is essential to achieving national consistency in the lifecycle management of packaging and the implementation of sustainable kerbside collection systems.

Recochem Inc. is committed to the safety of its employees, customers and suppliers. It believes in an injury and incident free workplace and will strive to achieve such an environment.

Recochem Inc. is also committed to protecting the environment and operating in a manner that reduces any impact on the environment to a minimum.

As such Recochem fully supports the ideas and goals of the Australian Packaging Covenant and is pleased to present this action plan.

We fully endorse the plan and encourage every member of Recochem staff to contribute to Recochem’s success in achieving the actions outlined in this plan.

For more information on The Australian Packaging Covenant go to http://www.packagingcovenant.org.au/


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