Our Brands

Our brands are well recognised across the multitude of industries we service and our ‘private labelling’ capabilities see many of our products re-badged under many different consumer brands.

Recochem ®
This brand has international recognition for its aggressive market penetration across the consumer, automotive and industrial markets. Complimentary to this, the Recochem brand is highly respected for its corporate, social and environmental ethics which underpin the cornerstone of the Recochem business.

Sub brands operating under the Recochem banner include:

Fresha – a signature brand for Recochem used extensively across our p-DCB (para-Dichlorobenzene) range of toilet blocks and sanitisers.

Turbo Power ® – a registered trademark of Recochem comprising a selection of heavy duty coolants used in the passenger and heavy duty automotive markets.

Recosol – a range of industrial degreasers, glycol, oil and solvents/ penetrants distributed across the consumer and industrial channels.

Diggers ®
Heralding back to the 1940’s, the Diggers brand continues to represent Reliable, Quality and Easy to Use Products. Positioned strategically across the hardware, paint and trade channels the Diggers portfolio extends to several hundred products including acids, adhesives, sanitisers, cleaners, linseed oils, Gilly Stephenson’s products, polishes, cements and additives, grouts, solvents, thinners, and various accessories. An enormous range supported by a national sales force committed to providing total ‘customer satisfaction’.

Many sub brands exist within the Diggers portfolio including:

  1. Bycol – a cement additive used to improve the workability of mortar and concrete mixes.
  2. Gripcrete – a powerful multi-purpose adhesive and sealing agent used in the trade and DIY channels.
  3. Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta – a BFA (Biological Farmers Association) registered product used to increase the service life of building materials in below ground applications.

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