Corrosion Inhibitors

What is a ‘Corrosion Inhibitor’?

A ‘Corrosion Inhibitor’ or ‘Corrosion Inhibitor Package’ in its simplest form is an engine coolant with little or no ethylene glycol. Differing blends of corrosion inhibitors provide varying levels of corrosion protection. The corrosion inhibitor component in an engine coolant is the determining factor between a ‘high quality’ and ‘poor quality’ coolant. Considerable care must be taken when adding corrosion inhibitors to an engine coolant. Adding the correct ratio is critical to ensure the coolant performs within specification.

Recochem ‘Corrosion Inhibitor’ Performance Ratings

  • Standards Compliance: ALL Recochem coolant products meet and/ or exceed minimum industry standards.
  • Corrosion Protection: Rating Rating Rating
  • Service Life: Conventional [3 Years and/ or 100,000 km], Hybrid [5 Years and/ or 250,000 km], Organic Additive [5 Years and/ or 250,000 km].

Why were ‘Corrosion Inhibitors’ developed?

  • Corrosion inhibitors protect the inner walls (metal) of cooling systems against corrosion and cavitations.
  • Water based corrosion inhibitors were developed to be used in areas where glycol based coolants are not required (e.g. sub tropical and temperate climates).
  • Corrosion inhibitor packages were also developed in response to changing technologies where engines became lighter as alternative and more cost effective metals (aluminium) were used.

Typical Users

Passenger vehicles and 4WD’s (pre 1990) and light duty commercial vehicles.

Key Features

  • Extremely cost effective.
  • Effective corrosion protection for copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminium typically found in an engines coolant system (corrosion inhibitor package).
  • Excellent shelf life (stability).
  • Does not offer anti-boil or anti-freeze protection.
  • Effective heat transfer when mixed with demineralised water.

Corrosion Inhibitors are available from Recochem in a CONCENTRATE and READY TO USE formulations.

Enquiries regarding formulation and/ or Private Labelling can be requested by using the Contact form on this website.


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