Hybrid Coolants

What is ‘Hybrid Coolant’ technology?

Hybrid coolant technology is a blend of ‘Conventional’ and ‘Organic Additive’ technologies used in both modern and conventional engines. Corrosion inhibition in hybrid technology is gained by using a combination of both organic and inorganic additives.

Recochem Performance ‘Hybrid Coolant’ Performance Ratings

  • Standards Compliance: ALL Recochem coolant products meet and/ or exceed minimum industry standards.
  • Corrosion Protection: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Service Life: 5 Years and/ or 250,000 km.

Why was ‘Hybrid Coolant’ technology developed?

Hybrid coolant technology was developed to extend the service life of conventional coolants by slowing the depletion rate of corrosion inhibitors. The addition of organic additives (carboxylic acid) to inorganic chemicals enables the corrosion inhibitors to last longer in typical operating environments and enhances the compatibility of the coolant to ‘Conventional’ and ‘Organic Additive’ technologies.

Typical Users

Passenger vehicles, 4WD’s and light duty commercial vehicles.

Key Features

  • More robust than ‘Conventional Coolant’ technology.
  • Protects all metals found in cooling systems.
  • Compatible with the non-metallic materials found in cooling systems (rubber hoses, gaskets, silicon elastomeric seals, ‘O’ rings and plastics).
  • Extends the service life of coolants used in passenger and light duty commercial vehicles (petrol and diesel).
  • Compatible with ‘Conventional’ and ‘Organic Additive’ technologies.
  • Offers anti-boil and anti-freeze protection.
  • Meets or exceeds standard industry requirements.

Hybrid Coolants are available in both CONCENTRATE and READY TO USE formulations.

Enquiries regarding formulation and/ or Private Labelling can be requested by using the Contact form on this website.


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