Organic Additive Coolants

What is ‘Organic Additive’ technology?

Organic Additive Technology (OAT) also known as ‘carboxylic technology’ (Recochem – Extended Life Engine Coolant) is based on fully neutralised acid corrosion inhibitors. These corrosion inhibitors last longer than traditional corrosion inhibitors and this is why OAT coolants are typically long life products. These coolants are free from silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrates, nitrites and amines.

Recochem ‘Organic Additive’ Performance Ratings

  • Standards Compliance: ALL Recochem coolant products meet and/ or exceed minimum industry standards.
  • Corrosion Protection: Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Service Life: Typically 5 Years and/ or 250,000 km.

Why was ‘Organic Additive’ technology developed?

‘Organic Additive’ technology was developed to increase the service life of engine coolants in comparison with conventional coolants.

Typical Users

Passenger vehicles and 4WD’s (post 1990), light duty commercial vehicles and the majority of Japanese and Korean OEM’s.

Why use ‘Organic Additive’ technology?

  • Longer service life than ‘Conventional Coolant’.
  • Advanced formulation resulting in better heat transfer.
  • Lower ‘Corrosion Inhibitor’ depletion resulting in lower solids and sludge formation.
  • OAT technology is now required by many OEM’s (American, European and Asian).

Key Features

  • Extended Service Life: 5 years and/ or 250,000 km.
  • No possibility of silicate drop-out or gel formation.
  • Phosphate free – a safer and cleaner alternative for our waterways (helps prevent growth of blue-green algae).
  • Compatible with other long life ‘Organic Additive’ technology based engine coolants (free of silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrates, nitrites and amines).
  • Incompatible with ‘Conventional Coolant’ technology.
  • Aluminium compatible.
  • Does not attack seals, hoses and elastomers.
  • Superior high temperature corrosion protection.
  • Offers anti-freeze and anti-boil protection.
  • Excellent heat transfer properties.

Organic Additive Coolants are available in both CONCENTRATE and READY TO USE formulations.

Enquiries for formulation and/ or Private Labelling can be requested using the Contact form on this website.


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