What is DEF and how should I use it?

DEF is a high purity solution of urea in water (32.5%). It is used to chemically reduce NOx emissions from trucks and buses powered by diesel engines. DEF is contained in a separate tank and sprayed into the exhaust gases. Never fill the diesel fuel tank with DEF.

How much DEF will I need?

You will not need to replenish DEF every time you refill with diesel fuel. The DEF consumption will be approximately 3% of your diesel fuel consumption (for every 300 litres of diesel consumed you would need 9 Litres of DEF).

Is DEF harmful?

DEF is not harmful either for humans or animals. DEF is not explosive. It is non-toxic. If you get it on your skin or clothes, rinse with plenty of water. Eyes: Flush with clean water immediately for at least 15 minutes. Although DEF is a colourless liquid, it is best to avoid spilling on clothing or vehicle upholstery as it may leave a stain.


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