Diggers Isopropyl Alcohol

Diggers Isopropyl Alcohol (also known as IPA or Isopropanol) is a high quality hard surface cleaner with a high evaporation rate.

Typical Uses:

  • Preparation for applying wall hooks.
  • Computer screens and equipment.
  • Keyboards.
  • Lens / mirrors / glass.
  • Sanitising.


  • Easy-to-use spray pack.
  • A highly effective ‘hard surface’ sanitiser.


Surface Cleaner
Point and spray onto surface to be cleaned. Wipe surface area down with a clean cloth. Example: in preparation for adhering self-adhesive items like 3M™ Command™ hooks.

Computer Cleaning
Always disconnect power from computer before cleaning. Point and spray, wipe down with a clean cloth.

Lens / Mirror / Glass Cleaning
Point and spray, wipe down with a clean cloth. Use on spectacles made of glass only.

NOTE: Always spot test a small area before cleaning or using on plastic products.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.


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