Diggers Paraffin Oil

Diggers Paraffin Oil is a colourless hydrocarbon commonly used as a fuel, lubricant and surface sealer. Put simply, Paraffin Oil is candle wax in a liquid form. It is used extensively in ‘oil lamps’ and as a base for creating scented oils to be burned individually or vaporised in any standard oil burner.

Typical Uses:

  • Lubricant for precision apparatus and plastic modifier.
  • Fuel – heating, lighting and cooking.
  • Water tank surface sealer.
  • Excellent lubrication oil for hinges and moving parts in sewing machines.


  • Cost-effective and odourless in its raw form.
  • Colourless, viscous liquid.
  • Excellent base for scented oils.
  • Burns readily and cleanly.
  • Water-insoluble.


As a Lubrication Oil
Follow machine manufacturer’s oiling instructions.

For Sealing Water Tank Surfaces
Add 20ml of Diggers Paraffin Oil per m² to water tank to seal water surface. Always keep seal above discharge level.

NOTE: Not for human consumption.


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