Diggers Paint Stripper

Diggers Paint Stripper is a powerful methylene chloride based paint stripper that rapidly penetrates and quickly lifts paint for easy removal.

Typical Uses:

  • Suitable for household, industrial, automotive and marine applications.
  • Timber, metal and masonry surfaces.
  • Vertical surfaces.


  • Gel formula for vertical surfaces.
  • Product adheres to surfaces and reduces evaporation.
  • Deep penetration – removes several layers of paint in a single application.
  • Rapid lifting and fast acting.
  • Covers approximately 0.75m² per litre.


1. Apply a thick coat using a paint brush. Allow the paint to soften and blister. The time will depend on the age, the number of coats and the quality of the paint to be removed.
2. Use a paint scraper or steel wool to remove paint before paint rehardens. If paint remains after scraping apply a second coat. To prevent damage on delicate timbers use a non-metallic scourer to remove paint. Methylene Chloride based paint stripper can darken some timbers. If performing a clear finish conduct a trial on an inconspicuous area. Do not use on plastic, rubber, linoleum or fibreglass surfaces. Do not use hot air guns or torches with paint stripper.
3. Wash surface with water to remove residue. Alternatively use Diggers Methylated Spirits if surface is affected
by water or there is a danger of raising or swelling the timber.
4. To clean brushes after use, soak in Diggers Methylated Spirits and then rinse with warm soapy water.


Follow safety directions on the product label. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/ face protection
when using this product.


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