Diggers Enamel Thinner

Diggers Enamel Thinner is specially formulated for thinning enamel paints for spraying as well as surface preparation and cleaning.

Typical Uses:

  • Thinning industrial and automotive enamels including paving paints.
  • Removing wax and grease prior to spraying.
  • Stripping enamel paint.
  • Cleaning enamel over-spray.


  • Improves paint consistency.
  • Allows paint to acquire optimum film characteristics.
  • Fast drying.
  • Professional gloss finish.


Thinning Paint
1. Ensure the surface of the area to be painted is clean, dry and prepared to paint manufacturer’s directions.
2. The ratio of thinner to paint should be in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines. A general guide is 1 part thinner to 3 parts paint. All equipment used in mixing and applying the mixture should be clean and dry. When mixing paint and thinner together use accurate measures. Add thinner to paint slowly and stir. Mix thoroughly before application. Apply with a spray gun or brush.

Stripping Paint
1. To strip enamel paint from surfaces or to remove overspray (other than painted surfaces), use a tightly
woven, relatively non-absorbent cloth. Wet with Diggers Enamel Thinner and wipe the surface vigorously
until paint has been cleaned.

Cleaning Equipment After Use
1. After applying enamel paint it is recommended that brushes and spray equipment are cleaned with
Diggers Enamel Thinner or a spray gun wash solvent.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.


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