Phosphoric Acid 85%

Phosphoric Acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric (V) acid, is a mineral (inorganic) acid used in chemical manufacturing and cleaning formulations.


  • Phosphoric Acid is highly soluble in water.
  • Because dilute Phosphoric Acid, in general, is non-toxic, it is often used in buffering agents or to make buffer solutions, where the desired pH depends on the proportions of the phosphates in the mixture.
  • Treating Rust – Phosphoric Acid may be used by direct application to rusted iron, steel
    tools, or surfaces to convert iron oxide (rust) to a watersoluble phosphate compound –
    and the resultant black compound can provide further corrosion resistance.


Phosphoric Acid is available in drums.


Please consult the SDS on Phosphoric Acid before use.


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