Diacetone Alcohol

A colourless liquid with a pleasant odour used in the surface coatings industry.


  • High-boiling point, slow-evaporating liquid.
  • Miscible in water and used as a solvent for water based coatings.
  • Diacetone Alcohol is both a ketone and an alcohol. It is miscible with water and most organic solvents and will dissolve oils, fats, tars, dyes, waxes and crude rubber.
  • Used as a solvent extractant in purification processes for resins and waxes.
  • Suitable for use in applications as a component of gravure printing inks, having
    favourable flow and levelling characteristics.
  • Diacetone Alcohol, having hydroxyl and carbonyl groups in the same molecule is
    used as a chemical intermediate.
  • It is also used in metal cleaning compounds, hydraulic-compression fluids and as
    a stripping agents in the textile industry.


Diacetone Alcohol is available in drums.


Please consult the SDS on Diacetone Alcohol before use.


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