Recosol 2 Pack Thinners

A premium quality, medium-to-fast drying thinner specifically formulated for thinning 2-pack polyurethane coatings. Broad solvency, graduated boiling range and powerful tail solvents combine to give maximum gloss.


  • Clear, bright fluid with a high solvency to reduce all solvent borne paints.
  • A high quality product that leaves a smooth, attractive, high gloss finish.
  • A proven and cost-effective 2-pack thinner.
  • Solvency – Recosol 2 Pack Thinners has excellent solvency for all 2-pack paints.
    Originally formulated for 2-pack systems it is also suitable for thinning many other
  • High Gloss Finish – Recosol 2 Pack Thinners controlled evaporation and powerful
    tail solvents increases levelling and provides a maximum gloss coating.


Recosol 2 Pack Thinners is available in IBCs (1500 litre bulk containers), drums and
20 litre containers.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol 2 Pack Thinners before use. Recosol 2 Pack
Thinners is flammable. Avoid inhalation of vapour and use in a well ventilated area.


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