Recosol WA Degreaser

A readily biodegradable, specially formulated, general purpose degreaser. It is a quick-break solvent degreaser for use in metal degreasing, engines and parts cleaning.


  • Clear, bright, low odour liquid.
  • Refined product with controlled aromatics.
  • Low volatility ensures minimal evaporation loss.
  • Versatile and may be hosed off with water.
  • Solvency – Recosol WA Degreaser will provide degreasing, emulsifying properties and leave a clean surface.
  • Biodegradability – the biodegradability of Recosol WA Degreaser was assessed using the OECD 301 series
    (A-F) of Ready Biodegradation test methods.


Recosol WA Degreaser is available in drums and 20 litre containers.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol WA Degreaser before use.


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