Ethanol 95 SG (SVR 95%)

95% ethanol, undenatured ethyl alcohol is a potable ethanol suitable for applications where the higher odour or presence of other denaturants makes conventional methylated spirits unsuitable. Ethanol 95 SG requires an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) license to transact.


  • A clear, colourless liquid miscible in water and many other solvents.
  • Used in food-grade formulations, coatings reducer formulations and laboratory reagents.
  • Versatility – Ethanol 95 SG is readily available and inexpensive. It is often a suitable
    alternative to Isopropyl Alcohol where solubility is not critical or can be assisted by other
    formula components.


Ethanol 95 SG is available in tanker compartments, IBCs (1000 litre bulk containers),
drums and 20 litre containers. Each container is batched to ensure traceability and food
grade quality.


Please consult the SDS on Ethanol 95 SG before use.


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