Recosol D110

A low odour, white water, high flash point hydrocarbon solvent characterised by the absence of nitrogen compounds, sulphur, aromatics and other impurities.


  • A high flash point solvent that is not classified as dangerous goods for transport but is combustible for storage.
  • A low very low odour alternative to hydrocarbons with high aromatics.
  • Can be used in agchem formulations.
  • Versatility – Recosol D110 can be substituted for many traditional hydrocarbons,
    especially in blends requiring a low odour.
  • Good Stability – Recosol D110 is stable, especially under adverse conditions such
    as electro-discharge machining.
  • Selective Solvency – Recosol D110 has a high solvency for greases, oils and waxes,
    but does not have the inherent capability to swell rubber or plastics.


Recosol D110 is available in drums.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol D110 before use.


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