Bitumen Cutter

Bitumen Cutter is a clear solvent that is designed to cut back bitumen without the use of heat. It is used in many applications where bitumen needs to be extended or cleaned from hard surfaces such as steel and concrete.


  • A medium flash point solvent that is compatible with all grades of conventional bitumen.
  • Does not require heat or other chemicals to function effectively.
  • Versatility – Bitumen Cutter can be used in many other applications as a degreasing fluid
    due to its strong solvency power.
  • Cost Effective – Bitumen Cutter is relatively inexpensive compared to other aromatic
    solvents used for thinning bitumen.


Bitumen Cutter is available in bulk, IBCs (1500 litre bulk containers) and drums.


Please consult the SDS on Bitumen Cutter before use.


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