Kerosene - Clear

Mixed aromatic, paraffin, naphthenic hydrocarbon solvent which combines good solvency for solvent degreasing applications. Kerosene – Clear can be used whenever effective, low-cost cleaning is required.


  • Competitively priced.
  • Minimum residue on drying.
  • Slow evaporation rate.
  • Flash point 38ºC – dangerous goods regulated product.
  • Boiling range – slightly oily, slow “tail”.
  • Good solvency for many organic compounds.
  • Versatility – Kerosene – Clear can be included in any formulation where controlled
    evaporation is required and is miscible with all other organic solvents.
  • Solvency – Kerosene – Clear has good solvency for greases, oils and many other
    organic compounds.
  • User Friendly – Kerosene – Clear’s lower aromatics content makes its use
    much more pleasant than solvents with high aromatics.


Kerosene – Clear is available in bulk, IBCs (1,500 litre bulk containers), drums
and 20 litre containers.


Please consult the SDS on Kerosene – Clear before use.


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