Recosol 42

Aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that is a low odour alternative to White Spirits or Mineral Turpentine. It is used as a starting point for low odour specialty products, thinning waxes and polishes, metal cleaning and cleaning brushes and equipment after painting.


  • Combines good solvency with low odour and is a lower irritant than conventional products.
  • Mid range evaporation rate.
  • Relatively low-cost.
  • Leaves no residue on drying.
  • Versatility – Recosol 42 can be included in any formulation where controlled evaporation
    is required and is miscible with all other organic solvents.
  • Solvency – Recosol 42 has high solvency of greases, oils and general dirt as well as
    alkyd resins in architectural enamel coatings.
  • User Friendly – Recosol 42 low odour makes it much more pleasant to use than
    conventional White Spirits or Mineral Turpentine.


Recosol 42 is available in IBCs (1500 litre bulk containers) and drums.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol 42 before use.


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