Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids

Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids

The implementation of the Carbon Tax Legislation has resulted in changes to the dynamics of the refrigeration industry. Common refrigerant gases based on Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) such as R134a, R22 and R404A have risen significantly in price and some gases will be phased out in coming years. In certain applications, Glycol based systems may become more prevalent.

Straight Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids

This range provides low temperature operation, but does not contain any corrosion inhibitors. We recommend before these fluids are used, the system’s metallurgy is considered to ascertain whether there will be any risk of long term corrosion in metal pipes, pumps and fittings.

  • Recosol MEG – commonly known as Ethylene Glycol or Mono Ethylene Glycol, is a low cost, efficient Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid commonly used in radiator coolant antifreeze formulations. Industrially, Recosol MEG can be used to provide low temperatures (eg 50% in water gives a Freeze Point of -37 C) in non food or beverage systems. Recosol MEG is more cost effective than Propylene Glycol based fluids.
  • Recotherm PG – is based on Propylene Glycol (Industrial Grade), and is commonly used in systems in the food and beverage industry.
  • Propylene Glycol USP Grade – this is Propylene Glycol which meets both the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and British Pharmacopeia (BP) standards. Propylene Glycol USP Grade is used in applications where the heat transfer systems must meet the highest food grade standards.

Fully Formulated Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids

This range has been specially formulated to provide both low temperature operation and corrosion protection to industrial cooling and chilling systems.

  • Recotherm IG – an ethylene glycol based low temperature heat transfer fluid which contains corrosion inhibitors formulated for industrial heat transfer applications. These applications caninclude primary and secondary heating and cooling, freeze and burst protection of pipes and for a variety of deicing, defrosting and de-humidifying applications. Recothem IG must not be used in systems where incidental contact with food, beverage and potable water may occur.
  • Recofreeze PG – a propylene glycol low temperature heat transfer fluid designed to provide long term corrosion protection to systems that require low oral toxicity or when a potential exists for contact with food, beverage or potable water. Recofreeze PG has been successfully used in ‘brine circuits’ in wineries where the system is both heated for ‘must warming’ and cooled for ‘must chilling’ and the cold stabilisation process.
  • BrineCool – premium biodegradable coolant specifically designed to lower the temperature of ‘brine circuits’ in the wine making industry. Brine­Cool is compatible with ethanol based fluids such as Alcool LF, which has been commonly used for years in the wine industry. Unlike ethanol based products, BrineCool is non flammable, and hence provides greater safety to the vineyard’s operation, and is safer to store, pump and transport.

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