Recosol M

A high flash point, paraffinic hydrocarbon solvent with a very low odour that performs well as a diluent in chemical formulations where low odour products are preferred. Recosol M is also suitable as a high quality lamp oil as it burns cleanly without generating smoke or unpleasant odours. Recosol M is the functional equivalent to Isopar M.


  • A very low odour solvent that is a convenient alternative to Mineral Turpentine, White Spirits or Kerosene.
  • A high quality, smokeless lamp oil.
  • A high flash point solvent that is not classified as dangerous goods for transport or storage.
  • Low aromatic content ensures lower potential for attack of plastics and rubbers.
  • Can be used as a rolling oil.
  • Versatility – Recosol M can be included in many formulations where a non-regulated solvent
    is required and will combine well with other organic compounds.
  • Solvency – Recosol M has a good solvency of greases, oils and waxes as well as selective
    polymeric surface coatings. It does not have the inherent capability to swell rubber or plastic,
    making it an appropriate electrical cleaner that can be stored in containers with low tolerance


Recosol M is available in drums.


Please consult the MSDS on Recosol M before use.


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