Recosol 80/100

Low flash point solvents used as part of the binder assay test in Asphalt Labs, and for also cleaning glassware.

A highly refined petroleum solvent specifically developed for the preparation of metallic surfaces prior to painting and in particular powder coatings. Recosol 80/100 removes most surface contaminants easily and evaporates very quickly after cleaning.


  • A clear and bright fluid which leaves no stains, residue or lasting odour.
  • A high purity product which contains almost no aromatics.
  • High Purity – Recosol 80/100 is a narrow boiling range solvent.
  • It does not contain any appreciable levels of aromatic compounds, rendering surfaces
    clean and dry in a short time.
  • Odour and Colour – Recosol 80/100 is water white and has a mild odour, especially in
    comparison with other solvents traditionally used for surface preparation prior to painting.


Recosol 80/100 is available in drums.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol 80/100 before use.


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