Linseed Oil - Raw

An untreated linseed oil obtained by pressing seeds of the flax plant. Raw Linseed Oil is crude oil and has a longer drying time than Boiled Linseed Oil.


  • When applied to a porous surface it fills the pores and as it is exposed to air it gels to form a protective film.
  • Protective finish for most timbers (creates a finish that is generally impervious to water, heat, scratches and most stains).
  • Raw Linseed is suitable for outdoor timber.
  • Increases water resistance.
  • Furniture oil to maintain and protect wood finishes – provides a light stain on pale woods.
  • Part of the process to create a “French Finish” for timber.


Raw Linseed Oil is available in drums and 20 litre containers.


Please consult the SDS on Raw Linseed Oil before use.


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