Mould Oil 20

Low viscosity, non-regulated, mould release fluid which has proven effective in separating cement, clay, and earthenware mixtures from moulds and dyes. Mould Oil 20 can be used in many other release applications, however as mixtures can vary it is recommended that the fluid be trialled before long-term use.


  • Non-regulated for storage and transport.
  • Provides good penetration into moulds and parting surfaces.
  • Has low usage rates compared to more viscous fluids.
  • Easy to apply via brushing, swabbing or conventional spray systems.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Versatility – Mould Oil 20 can be used in many mould release applications where
    cement and clay based slurries require separation from a mould prior to drying.
  • Penetration – Mould Oil 20 will spread rapidly and uniformly over mould surfaces
    due to its low viscosity.
  • Dual Action – Mould Oil 20 contains soap forming ingredients which provides thin-film
    lubrication on surfaces combined with the low friction hydrocarbon carrier fluid.


Mould Oil 20 is available in bulk, IBCs (1000 litre bulk containers), drums and 20 litre


Please consult the SDS on Mould Oil 20 before use.


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