Recosol 212 Process Oil

Low viscosity, highly refined petroleum fluid designed for use in the manufacturing industry. The high flash point, low odour and aromatic content renders Recosol 212 ideal for applications such as emulsion polymer manufacture, agricultural bases and the wetting of metallurgical fluxes.


  • A clear, amber fluid with low sulphur and aromatic content.
  • A highly refined product with low reactivity.
  • A high flash point, low-toxicity product which is safer to use than kerosene based fluids.
  • Very low volatility ensures minimal evaporation loss.
  • Highly Refined – Recosol 212 will not oxidise readily as it is chemically inert to most
    polymer raw materials and minerals. It does not decompose after heating to temperatures
    below 100ºC.
  • Safety – Recosol 212 reduces fire risk due to its high flash point and is not regulated as
    a schedule poison or dangerous good.


Recosol 212 is available in bulk, IBCs (1000 litre bulk containers), drums and 20 litre


Please consult the SDS on Recosol 212 before use. Recosol 212 is most unlikely to pose
any toxic hazard in normal operation; however it is advisable to use gloves where prolonged
contact with skin is likely.


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