Recosol 82

Premium grade paraffinic white oil with US food and drug compliance is suitable for use in food processing and cosmetic industries.


  • Clear, white water fluid with low volatility.
  • A highly refined product with low odour and reactivity.
  • Suitable for use in many pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage applications.
  • Can provide thin film lubrication and good penetration.
  • Highly Refined – Recosol 82 is chemically stable, and is non-regulated for storage and
  • Safety – Recosol 82 is considered non-toxic and can be used in applications whereby
    direct contact with food or beverages is likely to eventuate.


Recosol 82 is available in drums and 20 litre containers.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol 82 before use.


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