Recosol X95

Recosol X95 is a wide boiling range, medium evaporating solvent widely used in the production of resins. Recosol X95 is an aliphatic solvent with properties between Recosol R55 (faster) and White Spirits (slower), but with similar solvency. It evaporates quickly leaving no residue.


  • Low flash point solvent with a medium evaporation rate.
  • High solvency of grease, oil and silicones without attacking cured coatings.
  • Aliphatic odour.
  • Miscible with other organic solvents; not miscible with water.
  • Recosol X95 can be included in any formulation where controlled evaporation speed is required.
  • Suitable for special applications such as cleaning electrical components, brakes and hydraulic lines.


Recosol X95 is available in drums and 20 litre containers.


Please consult the SDS on Recosol X95 before use.


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