A powerful, low odour, high flash point ester derived from naturally occurring c16-c18 fatty acids. As it is derived from natural oils and fats, RecoEster is classed as renewable and “readily biodegradable” by the US EPA (EPA 1982).


  • Used as the base for renewable lubricants, degreasers, form oils, paint strippers and lamp oils – any formulations where a high flash point and renewability is required.
  • RecoEster is a high flash point solvent and is not classified as dangerous goods for
    transport but is combustible for storage.
  • RecoEster combines powerful solvency with low odour and a very low evaporation rate.
  • Versatility – RecoEster may be substituted for many traditional hydrocarbon solvents
    in cleaning formulations, as well as sophisticated blends requiring low aromatic content.


RecoEster is available in Bulk, IBCs (1000 litre bulk containers) and drums.


Please consult the SDS on RecoEster before use.


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