Ginasul Needles 68N

Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS). A highly effective emulsifier with excellent foaming characteristics typically used in liquid detergents and cleaners as a foaming agent. Superior to conventional detergent additives with regards to biodegradability, mildness to skin, cold water solubility, rinseability, flash foaming and detergency in hard water.


  • Can be used in hard and soft water.
  • High resistance to water hardness and other metallic ions.
  • Generates considerable foam and has a high foam stability over a wide pH range.
  • Compatible with other surfactants including Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate (LABS) and SLS including soap.
  • Reduces the surface tension of water significantly in parts per million concentrations.
  • Helps to overcome the sting caused by conventional detergent additives.
  • A combination of LABS and Ginasul Needles 68N in certain proportions can yield synergistic detergent action
    which can result in improved performance of a given total active or reduced cost for a given performance.
  • Used in leather processing as a cleaning agent and in the wet processing of textiles.
  • Used in wool scouring whereby it removes grease from coatings whilst preserving colour and texture.


Ginasul Needles 68N is available in bulk, IBCs (1000kg bulk containers) and 20kg bags.


Please consult the SDS on Ginasul Needles 68N before use.


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