MDS (Modified Disodium Disilicate)

MDS is used as a substitute for STPP as a phosphorous-free detergent auxiliary in the chemical manufacturing, petroleum, cement and water treatment industries.


  • Used in detergents, cleaners and in powder laundry detergents as a builder.
  • Used in water softening formulations to assist in scale and corrosion control.
  • Used in cement slurries as a deflocculating agent to increase pumpability of slurries and in ceramics as a
    dispersant for clays.
  • Dissolves readily in hard and soft water.
  • pH buffer.
  • MDS is a stable powder that satisfies all technical and ecological requirements for the substitution of STPP.
  • Versatility – MDS is comprehensively applicable to various detergents and different processing methods.


MDS is available in 25kg plastic woven bags. Dosage rates are available from account manager upon request.


Please consult the SDS on MDS before use.


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