New Product - Diggers Water Based Degreaser

Diggers Degreaser is a new heavy duty water based degreaser specially formulated to meet all your heavy duty cleaning needs including driveways, pavers, garage floors, walls, tools, lawn mowers, machinery, car and motorcycle engines, vehicle parts, trailers and trucks. Its fast acting formulation breaks apart heavy deposits of oil, grease and grime within minutes and the formula can be diluted for general cleaning. In comparison, traditional solvent based degreasers ‘dissolve’ the deposit and are used at full strength.

Easily applied by brush, spray or by dipping it is suitable for domestic, industrial, automotive and marine applications. For best results, remove any excess and brush or spray on liberally allowing to soak for as long as possible. To remove, hose off with water. A stiff bristled brush or high pressure blaster/ fitting will also help with stubborn areas. Diggers Degreaser is available in a convenient 5L pack size.


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